De Light is really light

The Light is 6,5 metre long but still a dinghy with a weight of 300 kg. It is comfortable and stable but is fast and planes easily – a wonderful sailing experience. The laminated fully-battened mainsail is noiseless and with a little bit of wind the boat is already planing – the normal turbulence behind the boat disappears and all is silent while the boat glides over the water, the helm finger-tip light. Like any sailing dinghy, the Light is very easily dry sailed. Because there is no keel the boat can be floated almost anywhere. The Light has, thanks to the free-swinging centreboard and retractable rudder, almost no draft. With centreboard and rudder up a depth of about 14 cm is sufficient. A medium sized car and brake-less trailer are all that is needed to easily explore different sailing areas at home or abroad.