The Light is FAST

The windward sail area was kept small. It was important to find the right balance between the minimum sail area needed to be easy to handle while powerful enough to facilitate planing, even to windward. A high aspect ratio mainsail made of laminated sailcloth is provided; it is fully battened, features a square top section and is connected to a swivelling mast. The short boom allows movement of the crew around the back of the boat. The forestay starts halfway along the foredeck, so a gennaker can be flown directly from the bow – no need for a space wasting and complicated bowsprit system. Off the wind the gennaker provides all the extra sail area needed. The rig enables the to boat to plane very easily and in almost complete silence – a wonderful experience. The uncanny silence strikes again and again when you plane over the water – before you know it, the speed is above ten knots and yet the helm feels incredibly light.